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Top 10 calm dog breeds

Top 10 calm dog breeds

Deciding which breed to breed is tough when trying to find a furry addition to your family. There are so many different things to consider, such as size, how much you eat, and how much exercise you need. However, one important aspect to look at is temperament. Traits related to fear and behavior of certain races can also play a big role. So it is important that you do your research first. Of course, every dog ​​is different and special in its own way, but if you have a young family or want to avoid trouble, calm dog breeds are a good solution.

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What are calm breeds of dogs?

As the phrase suggests, calm dogs are dogs that are calm and less at risk of being overly excited, anxious, or emotional. These qualities are perfect for some masters, but many want something quieter. Calm dogs are especially good for the elderly who can’t chase their golden doodle breeders dog, busy pet owners who don’t have the energy to play all the time and just want to rest, and anyone with young children who understandably wants you four-legged friend is less active than her children! Here are some of the calmest dog breeds that can make great, gentle companions:

calm dog breeds

1. Pug

A little ball of cuteness. The pug is a great, lazy breed of dog. Their wrinkled faces make them prone to breathing difficulties, so they require minimal movement, which makes them ideal companions. They are also great to take on your lap, as they only weigh about 20 pounds on average, and relax with them on the sofa. So if you are looking for a lazy dog ​​to accompany your relaxed lifestyle, you have found it in a pug! They are also known to be well-balanced, making them a perfect example of a calm breed of dog.

calm dog breeds Great Dance

2. Great Dane

One of the biggest dogs ever. Great Danes are big, but gentle giants at heart. At around 60 pounds on average, this breed may seem intimidating, but it can’t really harm a fly (unless you accidentally sit on the fly!). Great Danes are pretty relaxed. You probably won’t get too excited when you get home or be scared when you leave. They are generally calm, which makes them one of the best calm dog breeds for anyone looking for a big dog!

calm dog breeds basset hound

3. Basset hound

Although this particular breed is known for their long faces, they are actually happy and content! As long as they get their daily walks, they are typically lazy at home. They love to hang around and sleep. It is not very likely that they will cause you much trouble. This makes them great for older masters because they like to sit with them and spend the day with them. They get along well with other animals too, so you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to silence her when you introduce her as a new member of the family!

calm dog breeds Shih Tzu

4. Shih Tzu

Though they require a lot of regular grooming, Shih Tzus are the perfect addition for any animal-loving family! Though a little known as “barkers”, with proper training and care, they can be a good example of a calm breed of dog. Their small size means they don’t take up too much time training outdoors, making them the perfect companion for the home While not considered one of the laziest dog breeds as they still require play and attention, they can still be perfect for anyone looking for a little furry friend.

calm dog breeds Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very intelligent breed that is easy to train. A perfect calm dog. They are also good companions that make behavior training child’s play. Unlike many small dogs, a Cavalier is not very noisy, nor is a large, calm breed of dog. Due to their small stature, they do not need excessive exercise and are more than happy when they can just snuggle up on the sofa. Ideal for a family who likes peace and quiet!

calm dog breeds Bullmastiff

6. Bullmastiff

Although these dogs are often used as guard dogs due to their size and weight, as long as nothing happens, they are some of the laziest breeds of dogs! These naturally calm and lazy dogs are happy to spend their time sleeping or dozing on the sofa. Because they don’t require too much exercise despite their size, these are great dogs for anyone looking for a calm breed of dog. However, they do have a tendency to drool a lot, so not great for those who want to keep their home clean!

calm dog breeds Greyhound

7. Greyhound

These are known for their speed on the track and in the field. At home, on the other hand, a greyhound is more like the “fastest couch potato in the world”! They enjoy walking and are curious, but at home, they are the perfect example of a calm breed of dog as they are calm and balanced. They want to please their master and show that they are very loyal companions. They can also be a bit shy, so it is best if they live with other calm dogs. They get along especially well with calm breeds who are less nervous and jumpy. If you’ve also found out about their continental neighbor the Italian Greyhound, you should know that they are generally similar in temperament, only the size makes them different!

calm dog breeds Bulldog

8. Bulldog

Bulldogs are a very popular breed and great family pets. This includes all types of breeds, including the English and French bulldogs. Although they appear tough and strong on the outside, they are soft and kind-hearted on the inside. Arguably one of the laziest breeds of dogs, they are more likely to stay sitting on the sofa than worrying about a loud noise or worrying about leaving the house. That makes these calm dogs extremely reliable and straightforward. They are also quite friendly to other dogs, people, and strangers.

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calm dog breeds Chow Chow

9. Chow Chow

With its origins in China, this breed is a specialty with its large body and extensive fur. They were previously used as working dogs, which means they are easy to train and loyal to their owners. These days, they’re more of a friendly companion and a great addition to any family looking for a larger, but calm, breed of dog. They are very popular large lazy dogs that are sensitive to heat, which means they prefer to cool off inside than frolic outside like crazy.

calm dog breeds Newfoundland

10. Newfoundland

Another gentle giant. This breed is known for its calm and loving nature. Although they require quite a bit of exercise, the chances are very small that they will run away and start their own business. At home, they are very good-natured and have a lot of patience, which makes them perfect for young children. Thanks to their loving and calm nature, they are one of the best calm dog breeds there is, but only if you don’t mind the size or the drooling!

Which of these calm dog breeds is the best for me?

When it comes to making a decision, there are a few things to keep in mind: Why do you want a dog? What size can you incorporate into your lifestyle? Do you have time for hours of walks? What other characteristics should the dog have? In addition to this, you should also look at each dog as an individual.

You may find a calm breed of dog on our list, but it won’t do any good if they are not properly trained and trained. Also, regardless of breed, there are always methods that can help your dog relax. This includes relaxing music, chew toys to focus on, or natural soothing dog supplements. No matter what breed you choose for your lifestyle, make sure you give them the love and care they deserve and their lives will be happier.